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Heroin addiction shows no bias. There are people of every age, race, and gender who could benefit from heroin rehab in Mississippi.

When it comes to battling heroin addiction, the first step towards recovery is often the hardest. That’s where Extra Mile Recovery’s rehab center in Mississippi can help. 

At Extra Mile Recovery, we go beyond heroin detox and rehab. Hence, we believe in empowering our clients to get educated and stay clean for the rest of their lives. 

Self-education is vital. Learn how heroin works, what heroin abuse does to the body, and how our individualized treatment plans have helped so many people move forward into happier, healthier lives in recovery.

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What is Heroin?

Heroin, a highly addictive opioid drug, is derived from morphine, a natural substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants. It typically appears as a white or brown powder or as a black sticky substance known as “black tar heroin.” 

Heroin binds to and activates specific receptors in the brain called mu-opioid receptors (MORs). When these receptors are activated, they release dopamine, creating a sense of euphoria or “high” that leads to intense addiction.

Heroin is also often “cut,” or diluted, with fentanyl, which is cheaper to produce but far more potent.

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Signs and Symptoms of Abuse

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of heroin abuse is critical for early intervention and treatment. These signs include:

  • Physical Symptoms:
  • Drowsiness or sedation
  • Constricted pupils
  • Slurred speech
  • Respiratory depression
  • Behaviral changes
  • Sudden shifts in actions or social circles
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Unexplained financial difficulties
  • Increased secrecy or deceptive behavior

Long-term Effects of Heroin Abuse and Addiction

Chronic heroin use can lead to severe long-term effects, impacting both physical and mental health:

  • Physical Health Effects:
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Lung complications
  • Increased risk of infectious diseases
  • Damage to nasal tissues (if snorted)
  • Mental Health Effects:
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Cognitive decline
  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns

The CDC reported 787 heroin overdose deaths in Mississippi in 2021. Heroin also poses a greater risk of overdose the longer it’s used. It quickly builds tolerance and dependency in the user. 

Hence, more of the drug is needed to feel normal. With every change in dosage or frequency of use, the odds of overdose increase. 

Heroin is also often “cut,” or diluted, with fentanyl, which is cheaper to produce but far more potent.

Heroin overdose can slow or completely stop a person’s breathing, cutting off oxygen to the brain with the potential for coma, brain damage, or death. The opioid antagonist naloxone (the most common form of a medication called Narcan) can block opioid receptors in the nervous system in the event of overdose. 

Over time, heroin will cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms when a heroin craving isn’t satisfied. At this point, it is difficult for one to quit using on their own. Professional treatment to get off of heroin is needed. 

Mississippi Heroin Detox and Withdrawal

Over time, heroin will cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms when a heroin craving isn’t satisfied. At this point, it is difficult for one to quit using on their own. Professional treatment to get off of heroin is needed. 

Detoxification is the first step in overcoming heroin addiction. At Extra Mile Recovery’s Heroin Rehab Center Mississippi, detox is a medically supervised process that manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal, including.

  • Muscle Aches: Severe muscle pain and discomfort, often felt throughout the body.
  • Sweating: Excessive sweating, not related to physical exertion or temperature.
  • Agitation and Anxiety: Heightened nervousness, restlessness, and irritability.
  • Insomnia: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, leading to significant sleep disruption.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.
  • Dilated Pupils: Noticeable enlargement of the pupils.
  • Runny Nose: Persistent nasal discharge not associated with a cold or allergies.
  • Yawning: Excessive yawning, often uncontrollable and frequent.
  • Goosebumps: Development of “goosebumps” on the skin, similar to when feeling cold.
  • Increased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: Elevated vital signs can be life-threatening for individuals with pre-existing heart conditions.
  • Tremors: Shaking or trembling, often in the hands or extremities.
  • Intense Drug Cravings: Strong desire or urge to use heroin again.

Extra Mile Recovery’s heroin rehab center in Mississippi  provides support and treatments to ease these symptoms, ensuring a safer and more comfortable detox process such as 

Comprehensive Treatment Approach

At the Heroin Rehab Center in Mississippi, the journey to recovery encompasses more than just physical detoxification. 

Therapies may involve individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy, addressing the psychological aspects of addiction. Educational programs help patients understand the nature of addiction and develop coping strategies to prevent relapse.

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral therapies are a cornerstone of the treatment process. These therapies help modify patients’ attitudes and behaviors related to drug use and increase healthy life skills. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), for example, helps patients recognize and cope with situations in which they are most likely to use heroin.

Support Systems and Aftercare

Recovery from heroin addiction is a lifelong journey. A good rehab center emphasizes the importance of aftercare and support systems in maintaining sobriety. Such programs include ongoing therapy, support groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and building a supportive network of friends and family.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Many individuals with heroin addiction also suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders. The center provides dual diagnosis treatment, addressing both the addiction and the mental health disorder simultaneously. This approach ensures a more comprehensive and effective treatment.

Stepping into Heroin Rehab Center Mississippi

Heroin addiction presents significant challenges. As one of the most addictive opioids, heroin wields its destructive power over anyone, including those who’ve used it on a handful of occasions.

Stepping into a heroin rehab center is a courageous move in the right direction for anyone battling heroin addiction.

In this regard, the first step usually involves an in-depth understanding of the complexities of your addiction. What you need is an assessment to evaluate your health, gauge the severity of your addiction, and identify the resources best suited to your needs.

Personalized programs for each individual’s needs include

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Outpatient treatment programs.

Our services make it convenient for anyone to access rehab from familiar environments. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the chosen program aligns with the underlying needs and the severity of the addiction. 

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The First Step Towards Recovery

Choosing a heroin rehab center in Mississippi isn’t just about getting clean. It’s about finding a program committed to high-quality, ethical treatment. It’s about personalized therapy, life skills training, and robust aftercare support. It’s about addressing mental health conditions alongside addiction. It’s about the community, shared healing, and building a healthier future. It’s about finding a place that offers diverse payment options so everyone can get the help they need.

If you or a loved one is looking for a heroin rehab center in Mississippi, our team at Extra Mile Recovery is ready to start the journey with you. Contact us today.