Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program in Mississippi

Extra Mile Recovery provides a comprehensive and empathetic approach to overcoming cocaine addiction. Our cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi is meticulously designed to address both the physical and psychological facets of addiction. We understand the complex nature of cocaine dependency and provide comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Further, our cocaine rehab center in Mississippi combines evidence-based therapies, expert medical care, and a supportive environment, all designed to foster healing and long-term recovery. Our mission is to guide individuals every step of the way on their journey to sobriety. Thereby, ensuring they have the tools and support necessary to overcome addiction and reclaim a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, a potent stimulant, originates from the South American coca plant. In its processed form, it appears either as a white, powdery substance or as crack cocaine, which resembles a rock crystal. Cocaine consumption triggers a surge of dopamine in the brain, leading to a quick sensation of euphoria. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the United States classifies cocaine as a Schedule II drug, acknowledging its high potential for abuse and addiction.

There are two primary forms of cocaine. The first is a powdery substance that is typically snorted or injected. Often, this powder cocaine is mixed with other substances or cheaper drugs to extend its quantity for sale. The second form is a solid base of cocaine, commonly known as crack or rock, which is smoked.

Cocaine addiction represents a deep-seated, chronic condition defined by an overwhelming desire to use the drug, despite awareness of its detrimental effects. This addiction essentially reprograms the brain to place cocaine use above other aspects of life. As a potent stimulant, cocaine produces a brief but intense high, leading users to repeatedly seek the drug in an attempt to recapture this sensation, thus creating a cycle of addiction.

The impact of cocaine use and abuse is far-reaching, affecting individuals, families, and communities. The addiction is notably complex, involving significant physical dependence and intricate psychological aspects. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi, addressing these diverse challenges directly and effectively.

The Prevalence of Cocaine Use in Mississippi

Cocaine addiction remains a significant public health concern in Mississippi. While national trends show varying patterns of drug use, Mississippi has witnessed its unique challenges with cocaine.

As of 2021, the rate of cocaine use among adults over 18 in Mississippi was reported to be 1.84%. This figure is slightly lower than the national average in the United States for the same period. Additionally, for individuals aged 12-18, the rate of cocaine use was 0.13% in Mississippi, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) data.

The state’s struggle with this potent stimulant is reflected in the numbers seeking help at rehab centers for cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi.

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The Extra Mile Recovery Program

Overview of the Program

We know finding the right cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi can be daunting, and at Extra Mile Recovery, we’ve tailored a program that meets this challenge head-on. Nestled within a serene 10-acre woodland campus, Extra Mile Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for men battling with cocaine dependence. Gender-specific and focused on long-term recovery, our serene retreat off the Old Natchez Trace Trail is where healing begins.

Our approach integrates the 12-step philosophy with evidence-based therapies to construct a solid foundation for sobriety. Upon arrival, our clients are greeted with a comprehensive evaluation—laying the groundwork for a personalized treatment plan that spans 30, 60, or even 90 days. Detoxification is a critical first step and is safely managed onsite to ensure comfort and medical stability.

We don’t stop at detox. With dual diagnosis treatment, we recognize the intertwining nature of addiction and mental health. Therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and more are structured into our program, catering to the multi-faceted needs of our clients. We ensure necessary medication management, nutritional guidance, mentorship, and skills training are integral to the recovery process.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

Identifying the presence of cocaine addiction can be crucial to seeking intervention. Those in the throes of addiction often exhibit various signs and symptoms, such as:

  • Increased tolerance to the drug’s effects
  • Showing withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Neglect of personal or professional responsibilities
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Financial difficulties due to money spent acquiring cocaine

These indicators vary in intensity but are often a clear sign that help is needed. It’s these instances that drive us to provide a supportive and nurturing cocaine rehab center in Mississippi, dedicated to helping individuals confront and overcome their addiction.

Consequences of Cocaine Addiction

The toll that cocaine addiction takes on both the individual and society is undeniable. Physically, long-term use can lead to heart disease, respiratory distress, and neurological problems. Psychologically, addiction can spiral into anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

Moreover, the impact extends beyond the individual and wears on the fabric of relationships and community stability. Financial strain and criminal activity often interweave with the life stories of those battling with addiction. Recognized as well are the tremendous societal costs linked to healthcare, law enforcement, and lost productivity.

In light of these challenges, our cocaine rehab center in Mississippi offers hope and healing. We stand committed to aiding individuals to escape the cycle of addiction through personalized care plans, therapeutic support, and a community structured for lasting recovery. Our center is an environment where the pillars of recovery are built on solid ground, and the journey to a more stable, cocaine-free life is not just a possibility, but a well-traveled path that we illuminate for all who seek it.

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Steps Toward Recovery


Initiating the journey to sobriety oftentimes starts with detox, and at our cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi, this step is pivotal. Detoxification is the process that purges the body of cocaine and other toxins. Under our care, this phase is closely monitored to ensure safety and manage the acute withdrawal phase, which can include intense cravings and possible health risks. We’re equipped to provide Medical Detox, which safely guides individuals through withdrawal with the support of our medical team, attending to any discomfort or complications that arise.

Group Therapy

Healing doesn’t occur in isolation. Thus, group therapy forms a core component of our program. In these sessions, clients connect with others walking similar paths, providing a mutual support network. Group discussions facilitate a shared understanding and allow peers to offer each other guidance, insights, and encouragement. It’s a space where the communal spirit of recovery thrives, reducing feelings of loneliness and bolstering the resolve to achieve a cocaine-free life.

Individual Therapy

At our cocaine rehab center in Mississippi, we delve into the personal narratives that motivate addiction through individual therapy. Each person’s battle with cocaine dependency is unique, which warrants a personalized therapeutic approach. Our specialists collaborate one-on-one with clients to uncover underlying issues and strengthen coping strategies. We leverage a variety of techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, empowering individuals to effect positive change in their lives.

Holistic Approaches to Healing

Recognizing that addiction affects body, mind, and spirit, we integrate Holistic Approaches to Healing into our cocaine rehab programs. This includes promoting activities that foster physical wellness, like mindful exercises and nutrition counseling, alongside conventional treatments. Holistic methods support mental health, help alleviate stress, and contribute to overall well-being, which is essential for sustained recovery. Our Mississippi-based program is committed to equipping clients with a comprehensive toolkit for maintaining long-term sobriety.

By prioritizing a blend of medical oversight, mental health support, and community connection, we’re dedicated to offering a pathway to recovery that respects the complexity of cocaine addiction. Our approach is rooted in compassion and the belief that everyone deserves the chance to reclaim their lives from addiction.

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Aftercare and Support

Transitional Housing

Once the structured environment of inpatient care concludes, it’s crucial to find stability in the next step of recovery. We understand how vital transitional housing is in this journey. Our Sober Living program bridges the gap between an immersive cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi and returning to daily life. It offers residents:

  • A safe and substance-free living space
  • Peer support within a structured environment
  • Opportunities to practice newfound sobriety skills

Affording individuals the chance to solidify their recovery efforts, transitional housing is often the unsung hero in the process. It provides the perfect buffer, granting those in recovery the time to adapt without the immediate full return to old routines and potential stressors.

Alumni Support

Our alumni support network is a testament to the enduring bond and commitment we foster with our clients. By participating in our alumni programs, those who have walked the path of recovery from a cocaine rehab center in Mississippi can:

  • Connect with peers who understand the unique challenges of sobriety
  • Engage in continuous personal growth
  • Attend events and workshops dedicated to providing long-term support

This community forms a strong foundation for lasting sobriety, keeping members engaged and motivated. Our alumni activities not only serve as a celebration of sobriety milestones but also as an ongoing resource for those committed to maintaining their recovery.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

At the heart of our aftercare lies a solid array of relapse prevention strategies. We equip our clients with the tools they need to recognize and avoid potential relapses. Such strategies include:

  • Identifying personal triggers for substance use
  • Developing robust coping mechanisms
  • Managing stress through healthy outlets

Education in these areas is critical, allowing individuals to navigate their lives confidently and with the awareness needed to sustain their sobriety. Our dedication to relapse prevention is unyielding, as we understand the complexities of addiction and the continuous effort required to remain drug-free.

Begin Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program in Mississippi

We understand the journey to overcome cocaine addiction is challenging but with Extra Mile Recovery’s comprehensive approach, we’re confident in offering a transformative path to sobriety. Our tailored treatments, supportive transitional housing, and robust alumni network provide a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

We equip our clients with effective relapse prevention strategies ensuring they have the best possible chance to succeed. Trust us to go the extra mile with you—every step of the way. Start your journey to a healthier, cocaine-free life with us today.

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Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction, classified as a Substance Use Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), is characterized by a set of criteria. Below is a list of symptoms as outlined in the DSM-5:

  1. Using more cocaine or using it for longer than intended.
  2. Unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control use.
  3. A great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain, use, or recover from cocaine.
  4. Craving, or a strong desire or urge to use cocaine.
  5. Recurrent cocaine use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home.
  6. Continued cocaine use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by the effects of cocaine.
  7. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of cocaine use.
  8. Recurrent cocaine use in situations in which it is physically hazardous.
  9. Continuing to use cocaine despite its negative effects.
  10. Tolerance, or needing more cocaine to get the same high, or finding that the same amount has less effect over time.
  11. Symptoms of withdrawal can include fatigue, vivid and unpleasant dreams, increased appetite, and/or depression.

A diagnosis of cocaine use disorder is based on the number of criteria present. The severity can range from mild (fewer symptoms) to severe (more symptoms). It’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from cocaine can be challenging. It is important for anyone entering a cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi to begin their journey with a short stay in a designated detox center.

In most cases, cocaine withdrawal includes symptoms like:

  • Fatigue and increased sleep
  • Increased appetite
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Vivid and unpleasant dreams
  • Slower thinking and physical movement
  • Cravings for cocaine

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Timeline for Cocaine Detox

The timeline for cocaine detox varies depending on the amount being used and the duration of use. At Extra Mile Recovery, we provide comprehensive detox services, ensuring cocaine withdrawal is both safe and short-lived. 


Early Withdrawal (Hours 0-72)

  • First 24 Hours: The initial phase usually begins within hours of the last use. Symptoms can include exhaustion, increased appetite, and irritability.
  • 24-72 Hours: This period can involve continued symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness. Sleep disturbances, such as vivid dreams, insomnia, or hypersomnia, are common.

Acute Withdrawal (Days 3-7)

  • Days 3-5: Symptoms typically peak during this time. Individuals may experience strong cravings for cocaine, depression, irritability, and anxiety. Physical symptoms might include tremors, chills, or muscle aches.
  • Days 5-7: Gradual improvement in physical symptoms. Psychological symptoms like depression or cravings may persist.

Extended Withdrawal/PAWS (Weeks 1-10)

  • Weeks 1-4: This period is characterized by Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS). Individuals might face ongoing challenges like mood swings, irritability, variable energy levels, and disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Weeks 4-10: Gradual improvement in mood and stabilization of sleep patterns. However, cravings and episodes of anxiety or depression can still occur, often triggered by stress or environmental cues.
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SERVICES AT OUR cocaine addiction treatment program in Mississippi

Our cocaine rehab center in Mississippi provides a range of services designed to address every aspect of addiction:

  • Individual Counseling: One-on-one sessions with trained therapists.
  • Group Therapy: Peer support and shared learning experiences.
  • Family Therapy: Involving loved ones in the recovery process.
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Addressing underlying trauma that may contribute to addiction.
  • Dual Diagnosis: Treating co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction.

Levels of Care at Our cocaine addiction Treatment program in Mississippi

Extra Mile Recovery offers various levels of care to ensure a holistic and effective treatment journey:

  • Detox: Medically supervised detox to safely manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Residential Treatment: Comprehensive care in a supportive, structured environment.
  • Chronic Relapse Program: Focused support for individuals struggling with repeated relapse.
  • Sober Living: A supportive, drug-free environment for those transitioning back to everyday life.
  • Aftercare: Continuous support and resources to maintain long-term recovery.


Our Commitment to Recovery

At Extra Mile Recovery, our commitment to your recovery is our highest priority. Our team of experienced professionals in Mississippi is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for those struggling with cocaine addiction. We focus on treating addiction and empowering individuals for lasting change and a healthier, happier life.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, contact Extra Mile Recovery to learn more about our treatment options and how we can help you on your journey to recovery. As soon as you decide to reach out for help, you will be connected with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff member. We will guide you through our simple admissions process, helping you along every step of the way.