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Reframing Addiction Rehab
in Mississippi

In our years in the addiction treatment industry, we’ve witnessed the challenges that people in recovery can face during rehab. Many of our clients have completed other programs and were ultimately unsuccessful in achieving lasting sobriety.

While we know that relapse can be difficult and demoralizing to contend with, we want to assure our clients and their families that there is no shame in this. That’s why we developed our Chronic Relapse Program, specifically designed to treat clients who have been through other programs.

Understanding Relapse in
the Big Picture of Recovery

Relapse should not be looked at as failure. Even in the best cases, not everyone who is in recovery now will still be in recovery a year from now. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that the relapse rate for addiction is between 40% and 60%, in the same range as relapse rates for high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma [1].

If you relapse, there’s only one thing to do: reenter treatment and get back into the process of recovery. However, many people who have tried and failed to stay clean after other addiction treatment programs are disillusioned with the process. At The Extra Mile, our Chronic Relapse Program is for these clients. We reframe addiction treatment in new ways to find an approach that works for veterans of drug and alcohol treatment.

The Start Of A New Beginning

Extra Mile Recovery is a place where men come to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but it’s also a place where they come to fight for the sober lives they deserve. Our supportive addiction rehab center in Mississippi is the ideal space to get a fresh start and focus on yourself, because everywhere you look, you’ll find people who understand what you’re going through and are committed to helping you find lasting sobriety.

The road to recovery doesn’t stop once you leave rehab, and our promise to you is that our support won’t either. For us, it’s only the beginning of our commitment to go The Extra Mile.

About Our Chronic Relapse
Treatment Program:

Individualized Drug &
Alcohol Treatment Services

Not everyone’s recovery journey is as smooth as they expect, but that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. Our Chronic Relapse Program is specially designed to help clients who aren’t new to rehab, but are still ready to get and stay clean with the help of evidence-based therapies and a compassionate team of clinicians and staff.
While we take pride in customizing our approach for each unique client at Extra Mile Recovery, Chronic Relapse adds an additional layer to a treatment plan. Compared to our standard [Residential Inpatient Rehab], our Chronic Relapse Program has a greater focus on analyzing your past recovery work. We seek to answer some important questions that may not have been addressed in other programs, including:

  • What addiction triggers and temptations do you struggle with most?
  • Where in the process did other rehab programs lose you?
  • What therapies and coping tools have failed to help you?
  • Which of these treatments have worked, even if only partially?
  • What do you want to try, or want help trying?

Once we’ve answered these questions, we can develop a truly personalized treatment plan and give you the individual attention you need and deserve.

Addiction Treatment Therapies
That Foster Long-Term Sobriety

While in our Chronic Relapse Program, clients participate in a variety of therapies to help learn how to effectively move forward with their lives, free of their addictive substance. We offer individual, group, and family therapy to clients to help them analyze their own addiction, learn coping skills to deal with their addiction’s triggers, and reconnect with the people around them to create a positive community. These therapies make use of several different methodologies, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a specialized trauma therapy, and many other modalities such as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Clients also work with a rehab specialist and substance abuse counselor as they begin to progress through 12-Step programming, an extremely popular rehab program and one of the best ways to benchmark client progress in recovery. When not engaged in our 9 am to 5 pm programming, clients can spend time forming bonds with their peers and relaxing on our picturesque campus beneath the backdrop of the historic Old Natchez Trace. We help clients face their addiction and give them space to process and heal in peace, free from the distractions and temptations present in their everyday lives.

We’ve helped clients from Tupelo, Oxford, Jackson, and other communities throughout Mississippi achieve lasting sobriety and begin successful lives in recovery — even when they were unable to find sustainable solutions in other rehab programs.

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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
at Extra Mile Recovery

When you’ve had multiple relapses before, even after going through addiction treatment programs, it may seem like success is impossible, and you may be sick of going through the same thing over and over.

At Extra Mile Recovery, we have extensive experience working with clients who have struggled with recovery in the past, and our goal is to adjust your thinking about recovery and make you believe us when we say that it’s never too late to break free from the cycle of rehab and relapse. Anyone can get and stay clean with the right support, and we’re more than ready to prove that.