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Aftercare & Alumni: A Lifetime of Support
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Aftercare Planning & Alumni Support
Preparing for Life After Rehab in Mississippi

Substance abuse is easier to overcome when you have the tools and support you need to recover. It’s one of our core beliefs at Extra Mile Recovery, and it’s why we keep our treatment population small, focusing on individualized treatment.

It’s also why we believe in preparing clients for life after rehab from the moment they enter treatment. As each client approaches the final phase of rehab, our goal is to make sure they have the skills and support systems in place to brave the world and live a happier, healthier life free from addictive substances. Through our Aftercare planning, Alumni network, and Sober Living options, clients are empowered to smoothly transition from intensive treatment to a better life in recovery.

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Easing Your Transition into Recovery

Our Detox Program and Residential Inpatient Program at Extra Mile Recovery build the bedrock of our clients’ futures, but we don’t believe it’s enough to help them for 30, 60, or 90 days and simply send them on their way. We instead believe that a full continuum of care should include personalized, client-focused treatment from day one to life outside of rehab.

Addiction Recovery Aftercare in Mississippi


During Aftercare, which begins during Residential Inpatient treatment, our case managers work one-on-one with each client to discuss their situation and determine their best path forward. Extra Mile case managers aren’t just experienced professionals: they’re also compassionate people who know our clients well from weeks spent together. They can help plan living arrangements, job and transportation needs, ongoing counseling and therapy, and help clients find meetings close to home. Aftercare is also an opportunity for clients to refine the crucial skills they developed during rehab and learn how to handle unexpected triggers like alcohol advertisements and social media posts about partying.

While Aftercare becomes more intensive towards the end of rehab, this is a process that we encourage our clients to begin preparing for as they first enter treatment. From mending close relationships with loved ones to learning how to cope with the stressors of everyday life, Aftercare is about planning for the future. Sometimes the next step means continuing rehab in an outpatient setting or entering sober living, and sometimes it means regaining complete independence out in the real world. Whichever option is best for our clients, we’re here to help them safely transition into a life of successful recovery.

Addiction Recovery Alumni Program in Mantachie


Addiction is a disease of isolation, and one of the biggest risk factors for relapse is feeling alone. That’s why as clients reenter society, it’s imperative that they surround themselves with people who truly understand the challenges of recovery and will provide the positive encouragement, support, and accountability they need to stay sober. At Extra Mile Recovery, our alumni group was founded to provide exactly that: a tight-knit fellowship community that can foster a continued connection between clients and their fellow peers, as they grow as individuals and together in recovery.

As clients are welcomed into our lifetime alumni group, they will have an opportunity to continue supporting each other through regular communication, social media groups, in-person meetups, and planned fellowship events. Some alumni even continue to do recovery work together by regularly going to the same 12-Step meetings or entering the same sober living programs, and some even take on sponsorship and mentorship roles. While it’s completely up to our clients how active they want to be in our alumni group, each person knows that they will always be part of a shared journey and always have a group of supporters that they can rely on to have their back.

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Sober Living

During Aftercare planning, some clients decide they would benefit from entering a Structured Sober Living environment right after one of our addiction treatment programs. We work directly with our trusted sister locations Brightside Sober Living and Ascension Sober Living, in Austin, TX. If our clients elect to continue their recovery at one of these facilities, we can provide complimentary transportation to and from, ensuring there are no gaps in treatment. Both sober living homes provide a clean, structured, gender-split housing opportunity to our clients looking for continued support and comfort.

In Sober Living, clients get to live with other like-minded people going through similar experiences in a place where they can stay focused on themselves and their recovery. Living with like-minded people also enables clients to hold themselves and each other accountable in a welcoming and forgiving environment. Residents will be able to seek out employment, participate in counseling and therapy, attend fellowship meetings, and continue working 12 step programming. Through the ongoing encouragement and support, clients can enter life in recovery as safely and smoothly as possible.

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Why Choose
Extra Mile Recovery?

What does “going the extra mile” mean to us? Relaxing campuses like no other, tucked away on the historic Old Natchez Trace and a modern farmhouse estate. Small, gendered groups with dedicated, specialized staff. Truly individualized, guided treatment plans. A brotherhood and sisterhood of peers in recovery for a lifetime of support. And programming designed to both heal the individual and help them enter life in recovery as effectively and comfortably as possible.

At Extra Mile Recovery, our goal isn’t to just get you through treatment as quickly as possible. We believe in creating lasting change, empowering you to stand on your own and helping you to find your footing as you reenter life beyond treatment. To us, going the extra mile means making sure you have every chance in life to get where you want to be.

To learn more about how we help clients transition out of treatment, please call Extra Mile Recovery at (662) 351-3356 today.