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Whether this is your first time in rehab, or you’ve struggled to maintain your sobriety from previous treatment, we understand that taking the first bold steps toward recovery are often the hardest ones to make. When you’re ready, we promise to meet you wherever you’re at and help you get — and stay — sober. 

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The Extra Mile

Our Mantachie men’s campus off the Old Natchez Trace Trail and Tishomingo women’s campus in a modern farmhouse estate are both surrounded by nature and ideal spaces for healing. We keep our groups small and census low to create tight-knit communities and ensure you receive individualized treatment during rehab.

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Admissions &

As an in-network addiction treatment provider, one of our core values is making sure that our rehab programs are highly accessible and affordable to those in need. Our friendly and experienced admissions team can help you figure out what programming option is best to support you or your loved one’s recovery.

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Men’s Treatment Facility — Mantachie, MS

Driveway entrance and sign of the recovery center in Mantachie, MS

Women’s Treatment Facility — Tishomingo, MS

Driveway entrance and sign of the recovery center in Mantachie, MS

Our name reflects our main philosophy — we go the extra mile for our clients — always. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, we’ve chosen to keep our men’s and women’s groups small and separated, so we can focus on each client’s specific needs and foster support and fellowship among those with similar experiences. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, we utilize various holistic and evidence-based treatment modalities and provide frequent one-on-one and group therapies to ensure we tackle our clients’ addiction from multiple angles. And we tailor treatment to every individual that trusts us with their recovery.

Extra Mile Recovery’s men’s location sits along the beautiful Old Natchez Trace trail so you can work on yourself in a private, natural setting complete with log cabins and 10 gorgeous acres. Our women’s location is on a homelike, sprawling farmhouse estate on peaceful acreage. At both our locations, we’ll help you understand your addiction, the underlying causes of it, and what continues to fuel it. Together, we work on coping skills, help you reconnect with your loved ones, and expand your support network. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, we specialize in helping those who have relapsed and are looking for the right way to break the cycle of addiction. At Extra Mile, we give you the tools you need to find recovery and live a happy, sober, and meaningful life.

Real People. Real Stories.
What Our Clients Say:


“I am so glad I found Extra Mile Recovery. They have a program different from anybody else. I have been to 7 other places. Some outpatient and some 30 days. Nothing worked. I never really cared what happened as long as my family was happy. It was different here. Rod, Jay and the people at Extra Mile saved my life. They showed me how to get sober and live sober. I can’t thank them enough. If you are looking for a place to get clean than this is where you need to go.”


“The staff at the Extra Mile are very experienced, professional, and skilled at helping those who suffer from addictions and mental health disorders. I can’t say enough kind things about them. They truly care about their clients and do everything in their power to help them. Without them I would still be a hopeless, broken addict. It’s because of them that I am now 102 days clean and living a healthy, sustainable life of recovery. This place is one of a kind and has many great people and amenities that outweigh any other facilities. Thank you Extra Mile! You all saved my life.”


“My significant other recently went through the 90 day program. He has been through many 30 day recovery programs and continued to relapse. The Extra Mile was able to give both him and our family insight, counseling and opportunity we have never experienced elsewhere. We were able to work through some of our biggest issues in which we continue to practice the tools we were given. I highly recommend The Extra Mile to anyone looking for an elevated treatment plan that helps not only the addict but those closely involved in their life.”


woman holding cup of coffee at our mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center.
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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Our drug and alcohol detox program is as flexible as our clients need. On-site ambulatory detox allows us to closely monitor clients and help them regain the physical strength they need to be active in their recovery. We also provide access to a full medical detox facility with 24/7 supervised care, primarily for those who are experiencing more severe withdrawal symptoms and those who are in-need of around-the-clock supervision by a team of medical professionals.

At Extra Mile, we understand that the road to recovery for each person will be different, and we’ve seen how some rehab programs that don’t focus on each individual can often let some clients fall through the cracks — simply put, these programs may work for some, but not for all. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, with our multiple levels of detox and tailored addiction treatment programs, every client can begin their recovery journey at Extra Mile Recovery in the way and at a pace that best sets them up for successful rehabilitation, and ultimately, long-term sobriety.

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Inpatient Program

During our Residential Inpatient Program, clients spend much of their time in our various therapies, which offer a safe place to tackle the different struggles, barriers, and triggers that life in recovery may bring. When not working one-on-one with a counselor or together with peers in rehab, clients can enjoy our secluded, pond-side men’s location in Mantachie, or the comforts our picturesque, women’s-only Tishomingo estate. This gives them a chance to spend time absorbing everything they’re learning, unpack their experiences with addictive substances, and understand their own needs.

While we believe that a longer length of stay will generally lead to a better outcome, we know that some clients take less time to complete rehab. That’s why we offer flexible 30, 60, and 90-day treatment tracks to ensure we have an option that meets the needs of everyone. Regardless of how long our clients stay in rehab, we’ll provide the same quality level of care, compassionate support, and individualized treatment they need to find lasting recovery.

Extra Mile Recovery residential rehab building in Mantachie. Mississippi drug and alcohol rehab center.
An outdoor shot of the grounds of our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center.
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Chronic Relapse Program

Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, and not everyone’s path is smooth. It’s not easy, and for many people, it’s difficult to stay on track post-treatment without the proper tools and support system. If an individual has completed rehab elsewhere, and it didn’t stick, we take great pride in helping them break the cycle of addiction at Extra Mile Recovery.

Our Chronic Relapse Program is a specialized, 90-day inpatient treatment track that is geared towards the specific needs of clients who have been unable to stay clean in the past, once or many times over. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, we focus on helping them dive deep into the source and triggers for their addiction, how other rehab programs have failed to help them maintain their sobriety, and then help them change their approach to recovery. At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center we introduce new perspectives and modes of thinking, while helping our clients adopt behavioral changes that have led to relapse in the past. Our years of experience with helping individuals who are at higher risk for relapse makes us uniquely qualified to help them make lasting change in their lives.

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Aftercare & Alumni

Aftercare reflects a point in recovery where clients can start planning for life outside of rehab, and while being reintegrated back into society is a proud moment for our clients, it can also incite an anxious feeling for some. In Aftercare, our substance abuse counselors will work closely with each client and help prepare them for a seamless transition back into their daily lives. We pay special attention to managing and avoiding substance use triggers and focus on discussing topics such as the people and places that may influence drug or alcohol use. Aftercare planning is also an opportunity to discuss whether our clients could benefit from a structured living environment after rehab. We can provide access to transitional and gendered sober living homes at our sister companies, Ascension and Brightside.

Whatever a client’s life in recovery looks like, they won’t have to be isolated anymore. Our alumni fellowship network provides a meaningful support system for life in recovery, where former clients can support, celebrate, and advise each other for years to come.

Men in kitchen at Extra Mile drug rehab alumni program in Mantachie, MS. Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center.

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Our Recovery Services

Addiction Individual Counseling Session at our mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center.

Individual Counseling

At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, our clients are better prepared for life in recovery when they can answer questions like: what led to your addiction? Why was this substance appealing in the first place? How else can the needs that led to addiction be met? In individual substance abuse counseling sessions, our licensed therapists work with clients to answer those questions and find healthier and more sustainable ways to live their lives.

At our Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center, we make use of a number of therapy methods to get multiple perspectives on a client’s mental health and underlying issues. We’re proud to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which allows clients to engage with their thought processes and triggered reactions; dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), which focuses on coping skills and mechanisms; and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy that focuses on processing trauma.

Key Benefits:

  • One-on-one counseling is tailored to each individual client
  • Helps clients understand and address the root of their addiction
  • Investigates and tackles mental health using multiple methods
  • Develops client autonomy, self-knowledge, and coping skills
Addiction group therapy session at Extra Mile Recovery in Mississippi

Group Therapy

At Extra Mile Recovery, we believe that group therapy is one of the most important ways for clients to understand their addiction in relation to the world and people around them. Our small, gender-specific groups let us focus on each client individually, but they also make socializing less intimidating for our clients.

We use group therapies to help clients support each other, find forgiveness, and speak openly about their struggles with addiction and their recovery journeys. This helps clients grow, practice empathy, use coping skills, and socialize to expand their support network. Group therapy is also a great way for clients to learn from similar challenges that their fellow peers are facing.

Key Benefits:

  • Small groups allow time for each client to speak and be heard
  • A safe space to both receive and provide support
  • Wide range of topics discussed that foster healing and growth
  • Clients make meaningful connections and grow their support network
Family Therapy Sessions in Mantachie

Family Therapy

As long as a client and their loved ones are ready to work together, we encourage it: family and friends are an integral part of the recovery journey. Our family interventionist offers open, educational seminars on how families relate to addiction, and clients can schedule private family therapy sessions with a specialist.

Family therapy sessions are mutually beneficial: clients can speak openly to their loved ones about their addiction and family members can be honest about how they’ve been impacted. This empathic therapy helps strengthen familial bonds while taking some of the burden off of the client’s loved ones.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases understanding between clients and loved ones
  • Provides forgiveness and repairs strained relationships
  • Improves communication and allows for boundaries to be set
  • Creates healthy relationship structure for client and family post-rehab
12-Step Immersion Program in Mantachie

12-Step Immersion

The 12 Steps is one of the most effective models for helping people with substance use disorders overcome their addiction, and we also believe it’s a great way to measure recovery progress. We offer multiple group 12 Step meetings each week — 3 off-site, and 1 on-site — where clients can begin and acclimate to this process.

Our recovery specialists help clients define the 12 Steps around their pace of recovery, personal beliefs, and unique addiction. The first step is always admitting there’s a problem, but at Extra Mile Recovery, we make sure the next steps are designed around each client’s specific case.

Key Benefits:

  • Supportive fellowship community of peers you can relate to
  • 12-Steps ensure accountability; accountability supports sobriety
  • Helps you find hope through a higher power or higher goal
  • Principles teach how to be a service to others; fosters selflessness
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Program in Mantachie

Trauma-Focused (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a therapy specifically designed to treat trauma and one of our most unique specialties. Extra Mile Recovery’s clinical director, Rod Farrar, is a highly-respected industry veteran and specialist in EMDR. He’s led our team to help countless clients engage with their trauma in healthy and productive ways.

EMDR starts with identifying the source of a client’s trauma, and then its triggers, both real and imagined. Then, both the source of the trauma and its physical and mental triggers are associated with new thoughts and actions. This desensitizes the client to both the effect of the triggers, and the impact of a trauma response. This therapy is great for all levels of trauma and is a favorite of our clients.

Key Benefits:

  • An effective trauma management tool led by experienced specialist
  • Safe modality that provides fast relief with no negative side effects
  • Decreases emotional distress related to traumatic memories
  • Helps take power away from negative beliefs and manage daily stress
Man at Extra Mile in Mississippi

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

A dual-diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder, is a common condition for clients suffering from addiction. This describes a situation where a client’s substance use disorder is accompanied by a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. These mental health issues often feed off each other and become difficult to separate, but require individual attention.

We treat both the addiction and co-occurring mental illness individually, but at the same time. This helps us unravel complicated and negative ways of thinking while simultaneously allowing us to give each half of a dual-diagnosis the attention and respect it deserves. We’ve found this is the most effective way to help clients understand and manage their addiction and mental health.

Key Benefits:

  • Addressing each diagnosis on its own terms ensures a complete recovery
  • Better understanding of overall health leads to better outcomes
  • Holistic approach that helps heal the body, mind, and spirit
  • Hyper-individualized treatment helps tackle complexity of dual-diagnosis

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