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Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Rehab:

At Extra Mile Recovery, our focus is on each client we serve. With individualized treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, we can help anyone achieve sobriety and be truly prepared for life in recovery, whether they’re just starting their recovery journey or have been working to get sober for some time.

“Going the extra mile” isn’t just a saying to us: it’s a guiding philosophy.

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Driveway entrance and sign at the Alcohol Rehab Center in Mantachie

What Sets Extra Mile Recovery Apart?

At both of our recovery locations, we’ve committed ourselves to small, gender-split rehab groups so we can give each client the time and attention they need to recover. Our clinicians practice more therapies than most rehabs, so we can truly customize the experience of each client who trusts us with their life. Our men’s-only Mantachie campus is private and beautiful with a backdrop of the Old Natchez Trace trail, so our clients can focus on themselves and their recovery free from life’s distractions.

We believe in tailoring our therapies to every client’s unique needs, which is why we also have special programming even for those who have been through other rehab programs and need a different approach. We’ll help them understand the roots of their addiction, develop healthier coping skills, build a network of support, and learn how to live happily in recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Programs in Mantachie, MS

From the first steps of admission, to Drug & Alcohol Detox and Residential Inpatient, we offer thorough rehab services and client-oriented care to help those who seek help from us get sober and begin their successful lifetime of recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

We offer our Drug & Alcohol Detox Program to help our clients start their journey to recovery in a way that’s safe and healthy. As clients get settled into their new home at our rehab center, our on-site detox lets us closely watch over them, make sure they’re comfortable, and focus entirely on helping them achieve sobriety. We also provide access to a medical detox facility with 24/7 supervised care, to help clients with more intensive needs as they undergo the process of detoxing their bodies from addictive substances. We’ve seen how ineffective one-size-fits-all detox can be — which is why we offer multiple levels of individualized care, to make sure no one we serve falls through the cracks.

Outside view of Extra Mile Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in MS
Men smiling outside at Extra Mile inpatient program

Residential Inpatient Program

Clients are kept busy in our Residential Inpatient Program with individual substance abuse counseling, group and family therapy, as well as learning the principles of the 12 steps. These productive sessions allow our clients to look deeply at themselves and their addiction, practice coping and empathy, and build bonds with peers who become more like family during time in recovery. When not in counseling, clients can enjoy the secluded beauty of the Old Natchez Trace trail, take part in on-campus group activities, and spend thoughtful time reflecting on their lives. Whether clients participate in 30, 60, or 90 day inpatient rehab, we’ll provide the same access to client-specific care.

Chronic Relapse Program

Our years of experience have shown us that a challenge-free recovery is unlikely. Many people struggle both in treatment and after rehab for a variety of reasons, and once a person tries a few different options that don’t work for them, they begin to internalize these “failures” as being their own fault. Our Chronic Relapse Program is designed to provide non-judgmental treatment to these clients. We pay special attention to how other programs have failed them, what has worked, and just why they’ve had such a hard time in recovery. Breaking the cycle is possible, but it takes a unique approach that reframes addiction treatment in a way that provides a struggling client with a fresh point of view.

Sitting area inside the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Mantachie
Group of drug rehab alumni at Extra Mile

Aftercare & Alumni Program

We believe in setting clients up for a successful lifetime in recovery. We manage each case to determine how the client can make a healthy transition from rehab to their daily lives, and teach them how to deal with triggers that can cause relapse to occur. Clients can also benefit from retreat-style transitional and sober living at our sister facilities, Ascension and Brightside, both located in Austin, TX. Whatever comes after rehab, clients won’t be alone: the tight-knit brotherhood that our clients feel with each other during their time in treatment continues on the outside. Our programming creates fellowship among peers, and these relationships that are built during rehab can last a lifetime.

Proudly Serving Mantachie, MS

We’re proud to be able to serve Mantachie, MS, as well as Tupelo, Jackson, Oxford, Columbus, Southaven, Florence, Memphis, Birmingham, Corinth, Decatur, Huntsville, and our other neighboring areas.

Mantachie is surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature in the country. During our Drug & Detox Program and Residential Inpatient Program, our clients can enjoy the private serenity of the historic Old Natchez Trace trail as they find peace in rehab and recovery — and we can’t wait to show all our new clients everything the area has to offer.

Driving Directions

We’re located at 720 Oak Grove Rd, Mantachie, MS 38855.

If you’re coming from the west, head southeast on I-22. Once you pass Thompson Machinery on your right, continue for about 7.5 miles, then take exit 85 for Natchez Trace Pkwy. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto Natchez Trace Pkwy. In 7 miles, take the exit for MS-363 on your left, then turn right onto MS-363 S. In another 7 miles, you’ll pass Not the Pitt Stop on your right; about 0.7 miles later, turn left onto Oak Grove Rd. We’ll be about a mile ahead on your right.

If you’re coming from the south, head north on US-45. You’ll pass Scruggs Farm Lawn and Garden LLC on your right. About 5 miles after that, exit onto MS-145 N toward Saltillo. In half a mile, turn right onto MS-363 S/Mobile St. After about a mile, you’ll pass Food Giant on your left. Continue for 9 miles, then turn left onto Oak Grove Rd. In about a mile, we’ll be on your right.

A scenic view of the outside of the Rehab Center in Mantachie, MS