The Recovery Team & Founders of Extra Mile Recovery

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At Extra Mile Recovery, we believe that everyone deserves access to a personalized substance abuse rehab experience. We offer treatment in small, gendered groups, and give clients a peaceful, serene environment to focus on themselves and their recovery. These practices let us focus our specialized therapies on making sure each individual is heard, and treated for wherever they are on their unique recovery journey.

A Message from
Our Founders

Carrie and I want to welcome you to our website. We know what a big decision it is to start a residential rehab program for any substance abuse addiction and we also know how difficult it is to decide on a place to go. We have done our best to design a program that combines many different treatment options and make Extra Mile a sense of home. We have developed our company around our personal experiences as an addict and the road to recovery. We kept the parts that worked and added pieces that we feel would have been helpful to us and will be beneficial to the newcomer.

In addition to the planning that went into developing this amazing rehabilitation center, our highest priority is the people. Both our staff and our clients. We make sure to not only hire only the most professional staff, but it is also important to us to hire people that have been through what you are going through.

My sobriety date is November 15, 2005 and Carrie’s is July 21, 2006. We still remain close to some of the people we got sober with! The relationships we developed in early sobriety are grounded in recovery and are true friendships. We hope that you’ll choose Extra Mile, and get to experience a true sense of family and fellowship!

Please, call us with any questions you may have.

Thanks for considering Extra Mile to start your new life!


Scott and Carrie Smith

Extra Mile Recovery Founder

Meet Our Recovery Team

Our staff is made up of individuals who are passionate about our clients’ wellbeing, highly experienced, and come with a great deal of clinical expertise. Together, these qualities make for a team that we’re endlessly proud of, and one that can provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience for our clients.

Extra Mile Recovery Founder & CEO

Scott Smith

Founder & CEO

Scott Smith brings seven years of experience in the recovery field and ten years of public health experience. In the public health field, Scott specialized in case management and care coordination, communicating with families and health professionals to ensure proper care and treatment was provided to individuals in need. In recovery, Scott has 11 years of personal sobriety and has founded and run two successful recovery companies. He has helped many men and women find their way in early sobriety. This began by serving on the Austin chapter board for Oxford House in 2006 and going on to open a successful sober living company for men and women in 2010, Brightside Sober Living, with his wife, Carrie. In 2016, Scott co-founded Ascension House, a 12-step immersion extended care for women and men. Scott has dedicated his life to recovery to helping others succeed. Through his experience and shared vision with his wife, Extra Mile Recovery is a place where necessary clinical care and spiritual solution through the 12 steps collide to create a model for lasting recovery for all!

Extra Mile Recovery Clinical Director

Rodney Farrar

Clinical Director

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • National Certified Counselor
  • International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Board Qualified Supervisor for LPC
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • Certified Alcohol and
    Drug Counselor II

Rod Farrar has been working in the chemical dependency field since 1995. Since then, Rod pursued his master’s degree and is a licensed therapist. In addition to facilitating therapy, Rod has been an instructor of Psychology at the community college level as well as the Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training Program for the Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals. Rod is a board-qualified supervisor for professional counseling and a certified supervisor for MAAP. Rod excels in eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy and other specialized addiction therapies. Excelling in the treatment of trauma, complicated grief, and chemical dependency, Rod enjoys supervising beginning clinicians in the art of counseling.

Extra Mile Recovery Medical Director

Dilyana Milev, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Dilyana Milev, MD is a board-certified clinician with a double certification in Psychiatry and Neurology in USA and Bulgaria. Dr. Milev has graduated from Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria in 1993, and has received a psychiatric clinical training in the Departments of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology of University of Tennessee, USA and Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Dr. Milev served as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Free University of Varna, Bulgaria and taught courses of Psychopathology and Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. Dr. Milev was closely involved with treating teenagers and young adults with Substance Addictions between 1996 and 2000 as a staff psychiatrist in Addiction Outpatient Treatment program in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. Since 2004, Dr. Milev have officially residing and practicing medicine in the USA. Dr. Milev presents with extensive experience of treating wide spectrum of mental health conditions including depressive and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PTSD and addictions to substances among others. Dr. Milev have worked in both, inpatient and outpatient private, federal and state treatment settings. For the past 12 years, Dr. Milev served as a staff clinical psychiatrist at NMSH, Access FHS Clinic and VA Outpatient Clinic in Tupelo, MS. Since 2019, Dr. Milev serves as a Clinical Director of North Mississippi State Hospital.
Extra Mile Recovery Director of Admissions

Kaci Billings

Director of Admissions, Marketing, & Business Development

Kaci Billings is a Business Development Specialist at Extra Mile Recovery Center in Mantachie, Mississippi just outside of Tupelo. She is from Memphis, TN and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Biology and Biochemistry from Hendrix College, located in Conway, Arkansas. Kaci has a medical and marketing background as well as personal experience with loved ones suffering from addiction and achieving recovery. Kaci works with families and individuals seeking treatment as well as building relationships with recovery providers. In addition, Kaci also develops marketing strategies for Extra Mile Recovery.
Extra Mile Recovery Counselor

Jay Miles


Jay Miles is a counselor here at The Extra Mile and is responsible for one-on-one counseling sessions as well as group therapy and individualized treatment planning. Jay is a native of Oxford, MS and has achieved his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Mississippi. Jay has experienced personal recovery from drugs and alcohol since July of 2012 and has been employed by drug and alcohol treatment centers for several years. Jay is certified in Crisis Prevention, AED, and CPR.

Jay believes that one addict helping another is a very advantageous strategy when battling substance abuse. As this provides an introduction to or strengthening of recovery through the 12-step model.

Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselor

Resa Frederick NCC LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Resa is a very compassionate therapist that is dedicated to providing exceptional care and devising creative treatment plans for those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. Resa incorporates art and music therapies so that patients can express themselves through different artistic media as well as traditional treatment methods. Resa describes herself as being “a very open-minded and empathic individual and loves learning as much as I can from others. I am drawn to people and have a desire to help others obtain their goals and meet their needs. Ethics and a good client/therapist relationship are very important to me.” We are extremely excited and grateful to have Ms. Fredericks as a part of our team!

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