Rehab for Women at Extra Mile Recovery

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Building a Better Future
for Women in Recovery

At Extra Mile Recovery, long-term addiction recovery for women is our top priority, and that’s demonstrated through our multi-faceted and personalized treatment. To help you achieve your goals and thrive in sobriety, our team creates a customized treatment plan with all the support you need and deserve.

Our gorgeous and modernized farmhouse estate in Tishomingo provides a secluded, retreat-style setting. Enjoy a walkable wooded campus and comfortable living spaces to help you tune out the world and reflect, heal, and build lasting skills. And to foster fellowship, our programs make your counselors and peers cornerstones of your care, so you can form a strong support network as you begin this new phase of your life.

Accommodations & Amenities During Your Stay

  • Tranquil, Retreat-Style Location
  • Walkable Campus Surrounded by Nature
  • Outdoor Team-Building Activities
  • Inviting Relaxation Spaces
  • Historic Architecture and Lovely Grounds
  • Neat, Clean, Furnished Facilities
  • Fresh Linens, Towels, & Toiletries
  • Roomy Common Areas & Cable TV
  • Comfortable Bedrooms with Ample Storage
  • Renovated, Stocked Kitchens
  • Delicious Chef-Prepared Meals
  • In-House Fitness & Exercise Equipment
  • Onsite Yoga, Mindfulness, & Meditation
  • Central HVAC, Laundry, & More

Extra Mile Recovery: Our Women’s Rehab Facility

We Offer the Support You Need

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We Approach Addiction Treatment Differently

Our addiction counselors will meet you wherever you are on your path to a healthier tomorrow, free from substances. We’ll work with you one-on-one during individualized therapy, and with others through group therapy, to help you get to the heart of your addiction. You’ll never feel alone as you work through the emotions that arise from self-discoveries, and our counselors will teach you coping skills you can continue to master as you progress through recovery.

With our guidance and the welcoming atmosphere of our charming, peaceful Tishomingo estate, you’ll feel restored physically, mentally, and emotionally before you leave our care. And because we know the importance of a solid support network, we’ll connect you with a community of other women in treatment and alumni who get what you’re going through and will help you prepare for life as a sober woman.

Accomodation Icon

To make it easier to adjust and embrace routine, we’ve designed our locations to have everything you need to wake up each day rested, invigorated, and ready to take on the day. We’ve created spaces to help you unwind by yourself and think introspectively, as well as exchange stories with other women in the program.

Whether you’re taking time to read a 12-step book, strolling our beautiful grounds, or working out to boost your mood, you always have the room to grow and heal at our Tishomingo estate. We decorated our home-like center to give off a warm, inviting feel, with comfortable furniture to help you relax.  At Extra Mile Recovery, you’ll have all the amenities and accommodations of a getaway in the countryside as you rebuild your life.

Outdoors icon

Our women’s recovery center is situated on a stunning landscape that includes wooded havens and lush greenery to make you feel as though you’re sightseeing while you’re with us. No matter if you’re walking with a fellow client or taking quiet time for yourself in the open air, we’ve created an environment that allows the free flow of thought and self-reflection while you’re surrounded by the natural world.

Being able to relax outside and feel the healing power of nature is vital during the early stages of recovery, but we also know the value of staying active. That’s why we’ve worked outdoor exercises and activities like yoga and meditation into our treatment, so you can reap the holistic benefits of getting your blood pumping while taking in soothing sights and sounds.

Food icon

An important aspect of recovery is establishing a health regimen as an act of self-care. The Extra Mile Recovery team is well versed in the mind-body connection, which means you can only heal mentally if you’re eating the right things and getting enough physical activity. As part of our women’s rehab program, we nourish you daily with chef-prepared meals accommodated to your dietary needs, and healthy snacks from our fully stocked kitchen.

And because we input mealtime routines to reinforce good habits, we make it easier every day to start treating your body with kindness and respect through proper nutrition and on-campus fitness opportunities. This part of treatment is meant to provide structure and demonstrate that when you eat well and get exercise, you’ll have the strength and energy to work on yourself in recovery!


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All-Female Addiction Rehab in Tishomingo, MS

Forming Bonds That Last a Lifetime

Most of our team is in recovery themselves, so we fully understand the importance of building relationships with people you can count on to champion your sobriety success. That’s why our programming has you undergo treatment alongside others with similar experiences, and empowers you to make valuable connections with them.

Our gender-specific programs and women’s addiction recovery center provide safe spaces to be vulnerable with counselors and peers as you explore the root causes of your addiction and develop ways to cope. While your support network will grow and change throughout your life, at Extra Mile Recovery, we give you the place to build its foundation as you step into a new chapter. To learn more about our [Women’s Treatment Programs] or what your Extra Mile Recovery stay can offer, contact us today at 662-639-9616.