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Continuing Care After Rehab in Mississippi
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Men's Sober Living in Mississippi

Overview: Sober Living Homes
for Men & Women

At Extra Mile Recovery, our mission is to provide addiction rehab programming and recovery services that are as compassionate as they are effective — and to us, that means giving our clients truly personalized treatment that sets them up for success well after rehab ends.

As part of that mission, we’ve found that many clients are interested in separate women’s and men’s sober living following their time with us. We’re happy to help clients find solutions, from sober living arrangements in MS, or a gendered retreat-style experience with one of our sister facilities, Brightside Sober Living or Ascension Sober Houses in Austin, TX. Upon completion of our Residential Inpatient program, we can facilitate a seamless transition and provide transportation to either residence to ensure there are no gaps in treatment.

The Relationship
Between Addiction Rehab and Sober Living

Between our Drug and Alcohol Detox and Residential Inpatient rehab programs, we work with clients to help them get clean in a safe and comfortable way, then use a variety of therapies to uncover the roots of their addiction and find new outlets and coping mechanisms that allow clients to experience a lasting recovery.

From personal experience with addiction, our staff understands that rehab isn’t the end of recovery, it’s only the beginning — which is why we give clients access to our comprehensive Aftercare planning services, where they work with case managers to plan their living situation, transportation, employment, and ways they can transfer the skills they learned in rehab to the world outside.

Some clients determine that they are ready to return to a living situation that puts them back with their support network at home. Others are interested in living at home while continuing with local outpatient programs. In some cases, clients need a sober living program with others who hold them accountable and understand what they’re going through while they transition back into a “normal” life. We’re proud to be able to offer a retreat-style sober living experience through both of our sister sober houses in Austin, TX.

Counseling at Extra Mile Recovery sober living in Mantachie, MS


Brightside Sober Living for Men & Women

The goal of a sober living program is for people in recovery to practice life skills in stable, controlled, and highly structured environments. Brightside provides separate housing for men and women, so their care is tailored to their needs. It’s a place where support networks are broadened and strengthened through social interactions, group work, and 12-Step meetings, and clients a chance to develop the skills they learned in treatment at Extra Mile Recovery.

Everyone’s recovery looks different, which is why we offer a variety of options. At Brightside Sober Living, residents spend their days productively, on manageable tasks that help them prepare for life on their own:

Extra Mile Recovery 12-Step Programming Meetings in Mantachie, MS

Recovery and
Brightside Meetings

Anyone living at Brightside Sober Living participates in daily 12-step programming meetings or daily meetings in an equivalent program. They also attend weekly relapse prevention and household meetings. These help residents track their personal progress and understand where their peers are in their own journeys.


Residents at Brightside have daily and weekly chores and other responsibilities including cleaning, yardwork, and maintaining the living space. Residents are also responsible for cleaning up their own messes, food storage and prep, and personal hygiene.

Doing chores at Extra Mile Recovery Sober Living Program
Professional Life After Rehab Recovery at Extra Mile Recovery


Brightside is conveniently located near bus routes, employment, and other resources, and for those who don’t have a job yet, Brightside provides computer and internet access so that residents can look for employment and work on their professional life.

The Benefits of
Brightside Sober Living

Brightside Sober Living was designed based on the lived experiences of its founders, who have been through rehab themselves. It’s a family environment with a focus on safety and comfort, but also on structure, support, and accountability.

The sober living homes at Brightside Sober Living have unique benefits that can make transitioning back to life outside of rehab easier:

  • A live-in house manager
  • Comfortable beds and living spaces
  • A relaxing pool and yard for exercise and recreation
  • Furnished rooms, appliances, cable TV
  • General household supplies provided (including coffee)
  • Weekly relapse prevention meetings
  • Convenient location near bus routes, employment, and other local resources
  • Responsibilities including attending meetings and completing chores
  • Enforced rules and expectations to make sure everyone is committed to recovery
  • A welcoming and understanding “family” that’s ready to communicate and cooperate


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Ascension Sober House for Men & Women

Another name for sober living is “extended care,” and this name accurately describes our second sister facility, Ascension House. Whereas Brightside is largely about practicing accountability and giving residents resources to practice sober life and move forward, Ascension is instead focused on more hands-on counseling and scheduling that helps residents deal with the more complicated aspects of returning to their daily lives without relapsing.

Ascension Sober Houses in Austin, TX provide full but flexible care for men and women in separate facilities that keeps the client engaged with their recovery as they begin to live sober:

Expert clinician and therapist at Extra Mile Recovery sober living

Exceptional Austin
Clinicians and
Extended Care Staff

Ascension employs some of the best clinicians in all of Austin. These clinicians work closely with Ascension’s knowledgeable staff to further hone residents’ relapse prevention tools and help them practically cope with any challenges that sober life presents during these first few critical weeks in recovery.


While schedules are highly structured, they are adapted to each resident’s personality, gender, relationships, relapse history, and vulnerabilities. Ascension can even adapt its care to work with other outpatient or non-residential programs, and different family or career needs, all with a focus on support networks and self-care.

personalized schedules for your inpatient and outpatient rehab at Extra Mile Recovery
Specialized Counseling at Extra Mile Recovery

Relapse Recovery

Just as we offer our Chronic Relapse Program at Extra Mile Recovery for clients who have been through rehab and relapsed before, Ascension offers LaunchPad to help those who have relapsed get back on track through specialized counseling, a full schedule, and forgiving care.

Questions About our Gender-Specific Sober Living Programs?

The Benefits of
Ascension House for Men & Women

Ascension was designed to meet the needs of residents with demanding lives, many challenges to recovery, or just anyone who could use more intensive sober living scheduling. Ascension House offers separate facilities for men and women, so you can experience fellowship in an environment with your peers. It’s a structured but understanding safe place to begin life in recovery.

Ascension has some unique benefits that make it an excellent option for those seeking a more involved extended care experience:

  • Excellent clinicians and staff
  • Comfortable beds and living spaces
  • A full yard and pretty location
  • Furnished rooms, appliances, cable TV
  • General household supplies provided (including coffee)
  • Ongoing counseling
  • Weekly relapse prevention meetings
  • Convenient location in Austin, TX
  • Personalized sober living schedules
  • Responsibilities including attending meetings and completing chores
  • Enforced rules and expectations to make sure everyone is committed to recovery
  • A warm culture and environment focused on building to a happy sober life

Sober Living Can Help
Make Recovery
Even More Successful

Sober living arrangements can be a crucial step in someone’s recovery journey, as they practice sobriety in a safe and forgiving space alongside continued relapse-prevention training. Whether Brightside or Ascension’s way of doing things makes more sense for a given client, at Extra Mile Recovery, we’re dedicated to helping our clients find the safest and most successful path forward into life in recovery.

To learn more about our sober living options and how we prepare our clients for life after rehab, please call Extra Mile Recovery at 662-810-4146 today.

Successful Sober Living After Rehab