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Our Addiction
Treatment Philosophy

Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

Our approach to addiction treatment at Extra Mile Recovery comes from the personal experience with addiction and rehab that’s common among many members of our team. In fact, our founders based our entire rehabilitation model on their own recovery — embracing what helped them find success, rejecting “one-size-fits-all” solutions, and focusing on finding ways to meet each and every client’s needs.

To that end, individualized care is very important to us. Our goal is to find an approach that works for everyone we treat, and we work with small, gender-segregated populations of men and women clients so that no one is left behind. To us, going the extra mile means making sure our clients aren’t just able to get on the road to recovery; our mission is to give clients the tools, the skills, and the lifelong support to make recovery permanent.

Our Step-Down
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Model

On our homelike, modern farmhouse estate for women, and our 10-acre, wooded campus for men, we offer serene places for clients to focus on themselves and face addiction head-on. Extra Mile Recovery is a safe space where every client can be themselves and lean on their peers for support. These dedicated rehab environments allow us to find a unique approach for each individual, using evidence-based and holistic therapies to achieve the best outcome for everyone we treat. We offer a step-down continuum of care, made up of the following levels of programming:

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Every person, and every case, is different. Depending on the substance being abused, mental health disorders involved, living situation, and history and trauma of the client, they will respond better to some treatments than others.

During individual substance abuse counseling, we work to uproot and address the underlying causes of addiction through a variety of therapeutic modalities. CBT, DBT, dual-diagnosis treatment, and our specialized trauma-focused therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), are used to provide a varied approach that fits the needs of each client individually.

In group therapy, clients are encouraged to make connections, support each other, learn from one another, and practice accountability. Family therapy gives loved ones and clients the opportunity to listen, reconnect, and learn to understand each other. Our 12-step programming is a structured but flexible way for clients to measure their progress and move forward in recovery at their own pace with the support of their peers at every step.

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling in Mississippi
Holistic based therapies at Extra Mile Recovery


While evidence-based therapies are crucial to recovery, we believe strongly that addiction affects the body, mind, and spirit in equal measure, and the full scope of our substance abuse rehab addresses all of these.

We offer exercise, yoga, mindful meditation, hiking, and other activities benefitting from our gorgeous, tranquil campuses with backdrops like the historic Old Natchez Trace trail and Tishomingo woods. Our meals are made with nutritional guidelines in place, and our kitchens are open for clients to learn to cook alone or together. In addition to our wide variety of exploratory therapies, we offer outdoor areas and beautiful views for clients to unwind and reflect on everything they’ve been learning about addiction and themselves while they work through our drug and alcohol rehab program at Extra Mile Recovery.

A Lifetime of

No one should have to face addiction alone. Having others around who understand what you’re going through because they’re going through something similar can help make recovery both easier and more sustainable. That’s why we’ve designed our programs and activities to foster fellowship, peer support, and a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.

As clients prepare to move on from our Residential Inpatient Program, they’ll work closely with their case manager to explore the best ways to re-enter their lives. This involves career and life planning, as well as helping clients fine-tune the skills they learned during treatment and prepare to put them into practical application once they leave our rehab center. It involves making sure clients have ways to connect with other alumni and continue to stay engaged in 12-Step work, outside meetings, social media groups, and fellowship events.

And sometimes, it involves bridging the gap with a period of time spent in a gender-exclusive sober living arrangement. Our two sister companies, Brightside Sober Living and Ascension Houses, both create a retreat-style sober living experience where clients can practice life in recovery in a safe, structured, and supportive place with people like them.

How Brotherhood Can Help Addiction Recovery

New Beginnings at Extra Mile Recovery

While we understand that becoming “abstinent” is an important and necessary first step for our clients, we also know that learning how to lead a fulfilling life of “sobriety” requires making positive changes and a life-long commitment to achieve. That’s why our goal is to not only help clients turn the page on their addiction, it’s to help them refocus their energy on restoring a strong, healthy balance to their life.

It’s about exploring the underlying causes of your addiction, healing from the pain it’s brought to your life, and putting in the work to address the root of the problem. Maintaining sobriety is about building a support network, developing skills to cope with daily stressors, and learning how to avoid triggers and prevent relapse. Importantly, it’s about finding your purpose in life and learning how to live without the use of drugs or alcohol. That’s the “Extra Mile” way: we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help our clients start a new beginning and lead a happy, meaningful life in sobriety.

To learn more about what sets us apart, our Treatment Programs, and how we can help you or a loved one break free from the grip of addiction, contact us at (662) 810-4146 today.