Family Addiction Therapy & Education in Mississippi

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Mississippi Substance Abuse Therapy for Families

Addiction can wreak havoc on a family, straining the relationships between those with a substance use disorder and their loved ones. It can compel someone to lie to, and steal from, those around them in order to feed their addiction. Friends and family often want to take care of someone who’s struggling, but addiction is complicated. Well-intentioned loved ones can sometimes enable destructive habits, and a substance use disorder can cause people to resist help from those who care about them.

Our family therapy and education sessions are designed to repair these relationships, relieve the tensions and stress both clients and their loved ones have been living with, and rebuild clients’ family support networks. In other words, family therapy at Extra Mile Recovery makes addiction easier to manage, not only for the client, but for those who care about the client, as well.

Family Addiction Treatment in Mississippi


Family and friends can play a crucial role in rehab, once clients and their loved ones are ready to work together:

  • Loved ones are able to offer a client support and compassion as they enter recovery
  • Friends and family can engage with a client’s hard work and see their journey firsthand
  • Those closest to a client can learn what the client will need to succeed in recovery, and how they can help provide for those needs in the months to come
  • Clients get to share their struggles in a forgiving setting with those who may not have understood what’s been going on
  • Loved ones benefit as well when they speak their own truths and share how they’ve been affected by addiction

Once clients and their family members better understand each other, relationships can be repaired, strain on the family can be relieved, and the client can strengthen some of the most important bonds in their support network.

It’s worth noting that, while we strongly believe in the power of family therapy, it’s not something we force at Extra Mile Recovery. We wish to be respectful of everyone’s comfort and current relationships, and we’ll never put pressure on a client to involve loved ones in their rehab. Family therapy is an excellent treatment, but we offer many more and will work with a client to figure out which therapies make the most sense for their case.



Key Topics In Family Addiction Therapy Sessions

An important part of the therapy process, for both clients and loved ones alike, is understanding the disease of addiction and the impact it makes on the family. It’s also important to be informed about the rehab process so there are clear expectations for what to expect once the client has successfully completed treatment.

One of the most crucial topics discussed in family addiction therapy is the importance of improving communication between clients and their loved ones.

During private sessions, everyone in the room is given an equal opportunity to talk about what they need from each other to heal and move forward. We focus on teaching each person how to express their emotions and needs in a more productive manner to ensure their comments are well-received and to help foster solutions rather than conflicts. The topic of communication in family therapy sessions is also centered around how to actively listen, understand, and empathize with each other’s thoughts and feelings.

In family addiction therapy, personal boundaries play a crucial role in the recovery process because they help communicate the actions and behaviors that are acceptable, and those that are not.

Boundaries serve as a way for both clients and loved ones to draw clear lines in the sand on a variety of different topics, ensuring that their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being is protected. While it takes time and practice to apply these guidelines into everyday life, the process must start by improving communication and establishing boundaries that encourage safe, positive, and respectful relationships with each other. Al-anon said it best: “Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t be mean when you say it.”

While a broad range of topics are covered in these sessions, the overarching focus is to help our clients develop the skills and strategies they need to prevent relapse and stay on the right path to recovery.

During family addiction therapy, we have discussions about household function, how to improve your overall living environment, and finding ways to strengthen your support network. We spend time teaching skills that are essential to supporting our client’s recovery, such as managing/avoiding triggers and how to cope with stressful situations. Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, and so we ensure our clients and their loved ones leave rehab with all the tools and support needed to live happy, meaningful, and successful lives in recovery.


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Addiction Therapy & Educational Sessions with Our Family Intervention Specialist

One of the reasons The Extra Mile’s family therapy and family education events are so beneficial is that a professional perspective can help a great deal. We have an experienced family interventionist visit available at our rehab center every other week for two separate days. On one day, our clients and any family members are invited to attend our family intervention specialist’s educational seminars or lectures. These open events are a low-pressure way to become informed on how addiction can complicate family dynamics, and they lay an excellent groundwork for ongoing family therapy

On the other day, clients and their families can schedule private family therapy sessions with the specialist. These family therapy meetings focus on the specific issues that a client is facing with their friends and family.

Our goal isn’t just to provide a stable home-away-from-home for clients to live in during rehab. We’re also working to make their actual home a better environment, too. To learn more about our family therapy and education, our family intervention specialist, or our other therapies, please call Extra Mile Recovery at (662) 810-4146 today.