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Mississippi Substance Abuse Rehab

At Extra Mile Recovery, our founders and many of our staff approach rehab from a place of personal experience. We can say — from firsthand knowledge — that understanding substance abuse can take some time. Whether you or a loved one are using an addictive substance, it can be hard to identify addiction or know what the most effective treatment will be in a given set of circumstances.

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a guide to some the most addictive substances to help you learn more about some common substance use disorders for which we provide compassionate, intensive treatment to enable clients to take their first steps toward recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

The Extra Mile Mission

Everything we do at Extra Mile Recovery is built on the idea that every client deserves a personalized treatment plan. Too often, clients at larger facilities with “one-size-fits-all” rehab programs slip through the cracks. In fact, enough people have come to us for substance abuse treatment from other rehab clinics that we developed our Chronic Relapse Program specifically to treat them.

We keep our treatment groups small and gender-split so that we can make sure everyone receives the attention they deserve. Our men’s-only Mississippi substance abuse treatment center is nestled on an expansive, 10-acre campus along the historic Old Natchez Trace for soothing introspection. Our women’s-only, farmhouse-style estate is a picturesque backdrop that gives our clients a peaceful and distraction-free place to focus on themselves. Our Residential Inpatient Programs have variable lengths of stay, and we combine our many therapies into a fully integrative, customized approach to rehab.

We believe that community matters. Not only do our staff get to know our clients on a deeper level, but our clients truly come to understand each other through group therapy and collective recovery work. Many of our clients stay in contact and remain part of each other’s lives as alumni, supporting each other for a lifetime of recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Plan in MS

Individualized Substance Abuse Therapy in MS

Everything about a substance use disorder, from its symptoms to how it’s best treated, varies from person to person and substance to substance. Someone with a dual diagnosis for anxiety and an alcohol use disorder will have different needs from someone struggling with depression and addiction to opioid pain pills. We believe unique factors in each client’s case can make the difference between getting clean for a while and staying sober for life.

Each client’s treatment plan is unique to them at Extra Mile Recovery. Whether we’re focusing on trauma with specialized EMDR therapy, involving loved ones in family groups, or making the most of our serene, nature-scaped campuses with meditation and holistic services, we’ll make sure that the client feels comfortable in their substance abuse therapy and that they make meaningful progress in understanding and overcoming their unique addiction.


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Extra Mile Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Common Addictive Substances

To learn more about the most common addictive substances — including information about their abuse, symptoms, withdrawal, and how our substance abuse treatment programs can help — click to follow any of the links below:

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