New Year, New Sober You: Ways to Center Yourself After Addiction Treatment

It’s a new year and a new sober you — take a moment to recognize and appreciate the steps you’ve taken and the ways you’ve grown since undergoing addiction treatment. For the number of difficulties you experienced while using, you have twice as many or more amazing things ahead of you. Be proud of where you’re going in recovery. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you on your way:

You Are Worthy of This Better Life

Addiction and the loss of control it causes can be traumatic to your sense of self and can even make you think you don’t deserve the freedom, clarity, and comfort that recovery provides. What you need to remind yourself is how much you’ve been through and that you made it to where you are now — ready to take on life in a whole new way. Focus on learning from what each day brings with the tools and skills you gained in rehabilitation.

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Kindness to Yourself and Others Goes a Long Way

Now that you have greater mental strength and emotional clarity, you’re more able to help yourself and others in ways that weren’t possible while you were using. Acts of self-care and service to others can be immensely fulfilling and can further empower your recovery. Taking time for yourself and others will nurture your mental health and keep you grounded; whether that’s enjoying a quiet moment, a favorite activity, devoting time to volunteering at community events, or co-chairing an addiction support group.

Be Patient with Yourself

You have experienced a lot of things you may have just begun to understand through your addiction treatment, and you’re probably still figuring them out post-rehab. Processing trauma, staying sober, coping with triggers, and working on yourself each day requires dedication, and most importantly — time. No one is perfect, and all you can do is your best. If you’re using the skills and tools you practiced in treatment and are applying them to your daily life, you’ll succeed in recovery. Just remember to be sensitive to yourself along the way.

Forgive to Heal

You’re sober and have come so far already, but closing emotional wounds of the past — be it self-inflicted or those involving others — is another important step in your recovery process. With the help of a counselor, your support group, or another trusted source, you can begin to make peace with things that cause you distress to pave the way to a clearer mind. Taking the step to forgive yourself and others can close painful chapters and replace negative feelings with positive ones, helping you succeed in recovery.

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Stay Strong with the Right Support

You deserve to live a sober life that allows you to make meaningful connections with others, think and feel all things with a clear head, and know you have the power and skills to take on your triggers. And if you are ever feeling unsure of yourself, are overwhelmed, or fear relapsing, remember you have the support of Extra Mile Recovery, our aftercare and alumni programs, and other resources tailored to your needs. You are not alone: you can always contact us for help, and we’ll be here to answer the call.

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