The Best Gift to Give Your Family this Holiday Season: Your Sobriety

Finding the perfect gift for someone during the holidays always seems so hard. We have to ask ourselves some questions before getting something for someone, especially those we care most about — what says “I love you” the most?

For some people, the answer might be something you can wrap with a bow but for others, it might actually be the simple act of getting sober. If you’re struggling to control your drug or alcohol use, entering one of Mississippi’s premier addiction treatment facilities this holiday season might be the best gift you can give. Here are three reasons why:

Sobriety as Holiday Perfect Gift

Ease the Worries of Your Loved Ones

If someone told you this year, either subtly or clearly, that they thought you needed some help with substance abuse, you should take it heart. It shows that someone cares enough about you to say something before you cause harm to yourself and those around you. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to ease their mind by showing them that you’re clean, sober, and ready to create holiday memories that last?

By entering a drug and alcohol rehab facility, you can begin to take that weight off their shoulders. Holidays can already be stressful, but you can give family and friends the gift of peace of mind.

Mend Broken Relationships

Oftentimes, substance abuse harms the relationships we hold near and dear. Nobody wants a situation during the holidays where people are avoiding one another or feeling hurt. If drugs or alcohol are getting in the way of love and family, it might be time to do something.

So, when you make the choice to examine your substance abuse and enter a rehab program, it can be a huge step in showing how much you value your relationships with your loved ones. Simply put: your relationship with them, being together in both good times and bad, is more important than drugs or alcohol.

Give a Stable Life to Your Children

Children can often tell if something is wrong. Stress, worry, and hurt shouldn’t be a part of their childhood.
You owe it to your children to get sober, not just for the holidays, but for their whole lives. Studies have shown that children who have a parent with substance abuse problems are more likely to experience parental neglect, a lack of resources around the house to do what they need to do to succeed, and perhaps worst of all, more likely to develop a substance abuse issue themselves.

Your children will thank you every day for your sobriety, not just with words, but with actions. They’ll thank you with birthdays, graduations, weddings, and yes, the holidays. That life is something you’ll want to experience together.

Addiction Treatment Center in Mississippi

Get the Help You Need at Extra Mile Recovery This Holiday Season

Extra Mile Recovery knows how important the holidays are to people all over the world, and we cherish the love, joy, and unity that comes with this time of year. Your sobriety is a gift to all of your loved ones and can really bring people together in the spirit of the season — the spirit of supporting each other and looking forward to the future with hope.

We’re an all-male inpatient addiction treatment center tucked away in beautiful Mantachie, MS, utilizing a personalized, integrated approach to rehab. We’re happy to help with any questions you might have about the rehab process and what it’s like. If you or a loved one is struggling, don’t wait. Make one confidential phone call today – it could change your life.

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