Four Benefits of Choosing an All-Male Drug Rehab

​It’s difficult enough to make the decision to go to rehab, but as you’re choosing who to trust with your recovery, you might find yourself asking a surprising question: should I lean towards a gender-specific program?

We believe it’s best for our clients to be in an environment that allows them to focus on themselves and their recovery, which is why Extra Mile Recovery is a male-only addiction treatment center. We want men to feel completely comfortable discussing their lives and situations with others who share similar experiences.

Here are four benefits of selecting a men’s-only drug rehabilitation facility:

1. Focusing Addiction Treatment on the Needs of Men

Male-only drug addiction treatment centers are tailored specifically to men and their own unique needs and struggles. Men are statistically more likely to use illicit drugs, and there are more emergency room visits and overdose deaths for men than there are for women.[1]

The reasons men have different needs varies, but can include family history, past trauma, and biological issues. Creating treatment programs with these needs in mind will help men address these issues in a safe and trusting environment.

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2. Removing Potential Sources of Distraction

Mixing men and women together in rehab, particularly during the early days of recovery, can sometimes lead to tension between clients. In treating men and women separately, there are fewer social dynamics at play, allowing clients to keep their focus on their recovery and well-being.

All-male drug rehab centers remove potential areas of jealousy, confusion, and general distraction, allowing clients to fully focus on their recovery.

3. Expressing Emotions in Front of Your Peers

In rehab, clients are encouraged to take the time to examine their past in order to determine the root cause of their addiction. One good way of doing this is though group therapy, where men can share their feelings with other men who are going though similar struggles in their recovery.

Though men would not necessarily be judged or misinterpreted in a mixed group, sharing their stories in a male-only environment empowers men to be truthful and even vulnerable around people who have shared experiences.

4. Forming a “Brotherhood” in Recovery

Having a support system in recovery is essential to long-term success, and connecting with others who share the same life experiences as you can lead to forming lifelong bonds. Men in recovery can relate to one another and find strength in their “brotherhood.”

The connections forged in recovery can be a lifelong resource, as men continue to build each other up and support each other’s sobriety long after their time in a drug rehab program.

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Drug Rehab Center for Men in Mississippi

If you or a loved one needs the comfort and support of a male-only rehabilitation center in Mississippi, Extra Mile Recovery is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help lead to a more sustainable sobriety.

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