Beyond Rehab: The Importance of Staying Connected

Rehab may be among the most challenging times in your life, but it’s more than just a time to get sober; it’s a time to redefine yourself and build a foundation for a successful future, free from substance abuse.

During rehab, you’ll forge connections with your counselors and peers that can last well beyond your time with us and into the rest of your life. Let’s discuss the importance of maintaining those connections, as well as building a network of people who support your sobriety, once rehab has ended.

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Maintaining Ties with Your Peers in Rehab

Addiction and isolation often go hand in hand. While many people who enter rehab are supported by their loved ones every step of the way, individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse for a long period of time may find themselves utterly alone by the time they seek help for their addiction.

Rehab gives you the opportunity to engage with others who understand the challenges you face, and it allows you to build a support network to uphold your commitment to sobriety. Building connections with others helps you heal mentally and emotionally and reduce feelings of isolation, all of which are critical to your recovery.

Whether you decide to join a Sober Living program after rehab or complete outpatient treatment, all clients are welcome to join our lifetime alumni group, which helps you to stay in touch with your peers at Extra Mile. You can even choose to go to the same 12-step meetings or sober living programs with the same people you bonded with during rehab, where you can continue to support each other’s recovery in a meaningful way.

Building Your Sober Network

Depending on how long you’ve been struggling with addiction, it may be the case that your previous social contacts outside rehab are associated with past drug or alcohol abuse. It may seem daunting to have to form an entirely new social circle in recovery, but it’s in your best interest to start fresh and avoid people who could potentially trigger a relapse.

During rehab, you’ll have the opportunity not only to heal, but to rediscover old hobbies and interests and pick up new ones, and you’ll find what truly makes you happy as you reforge your identity in sobriety. From there, you can meet others who share these interests, whether they’re hiking, crafting, fishing, or even taking cooking classes!

Expanding your social network is both healthy and necessary, and doing so will help keep you engaged with the things you love, with people who support your recovery.

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Our Alumni Program at Extra Mile Recovery

Many of our clients at Extra Mile Recovery form lifelong bonds with others in treatment. We are an all-male rehab facility nestled in the historical Old Natchez Trace, and our goal is to create lasting change in our clients’ lives long after their time with us has ended. Our Lifetime Alumni Program supports that commitment by helping to foster a continued connection between everyone who goes through our programs.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, please contact Extra Mile Recovery today.

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