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We are a men's addiction rehab facility located just outside Tupelo, Mississippi that takes a holistic approach to treat drug and alcohol addiction through a combination of techniques in a private secluded environment.

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What Makes Extra Mile Recovery Rehab Different?

Individualized Treatment Plans

Locating a reputable drug and alcohol rehab center for yourself or a loved one can be an overwhelming process. While it’s easy to become disheartened during this process, we want to reassure you that there is hope for long-term recovery and there is more than one way to get there.

Extra Mile Recovery Center provides the individualized, quality care you or your loved one needs to finally beat addiction and enter into a rewarding life of sobriety. If you’re wondering what sets us apart from other outpatient and inpatient rehab centers, below are the main factors to consider.

Gender Specific Treatment

During drug and alcohol rehab, the recovery experience for men and women is vastly different. In addition, there are plenty of distractions and uncomfortable situations that may arise during co-ed treatment. Extra Mile provides treatment solely for men to maximize comfort and recovery success by removing those barriers and addressing specific concerns, emotions and life situations that may arise otherwise.

30 60 or 90-Day Residential Treatment

We provide three treatments. However, we recommend different treatment lengths on a case by case basis. For most individuals, 30 days is simply not enough time to both rid the body of harmful substances and restore the life skills needed to maintain sobriety. Extra Mile’s 90-day residential treatment program is designed to help prevent relapse and bolster each individual’s chances of long-term success. This treatment approach provides an adequate amount of time to not only address surface level problems but also dig deep and address the root issues that may have caused the addiction in the first place.


Distractions and outside influences can also make recovery and sobriety very difficult. At Extra Mile Rehab, we provide a safe, clean and comfortable place to focus on making those day-to-day changes that will eventually lead to a fulfilling life of sobriety.

Continuum of Care

Extra Mile’s continuum of care provides long-term support that is completely tailored to your needs. We offer the following licensed clinical care services through our Texas drug and alcohol rehab centers:

  • Residential Inpatient Treatment– Our evidence-based therapeutic treatments address the mind, body, and spirit for a solid and lasting recovery. Individual treatment plans are created based on a personal evaluation that addresses exact needs, and individuals are housed in luxury accommodations located in the serene environment along Natchez Trace in Mantachie, Mississippi.
  • Sober Living– Extra Mile’s sister company. Brightside Sober Living, located in Austin, TX, is an option you have after completing your residential rehabilitation at Extra Mile Recovery. We also have many other partners we can recommend for ongoing support after you have achieved the first steps to sobriety. Living in a home with others that are going through the same struggles offers an atmosphere that is full of hope, and encouragement that allows you to handle the unexpected urges so that you can live a sober life.
  • Aftercare– The path to long-term addiction recovery is overwhelmed with unexpected situations. This group therapy program is led by a licensed counselor and is designed to provide additional support for alumni of Extra Mile’s residential inpatient treatment program.
  • Personal MonitoringExtra Mile Recovery Rehab provides personal monitoring that gives each individual a sober coach who will aid and support you as a life-long partner to be by your side as you learn to continually live life sober.

12-Step Immersion

The life-changing principles of recovery found in the 12-Step Program are designed to tear down long-standing walls and provide solutions to problems that make sobriety possible. Each client at Extra Mile will walk through the 12-Step Program with a recovery specialist, a counselor, and their peers. This program provides an outlet for the individual to address their feelings, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and address certain behaviors, actions, and attitudes they need to change.

Family Support

As we all know, addiction does not solely affect an individual, it affects the entire family network around the individual. Addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted individual — it has an impact on the entire family system. At Extra Mile, we provide updates to the family on a weekly basis and are available to contact Extra Mile Recovery Rehab whenever you have questions.


Chronic Relapse Specialization

Many clients come to us exhausted after multiple attempts at getting sober. Of these individuals, many are looking for more than just a cookie-cutter rehab experience. At Extra Mile Recovery Rehab, you will work with a recovery specialist and a counselor to thoroughly address each step in the 12-step program. During your 12 steps, we also obtain success through techniques such as EMDR and CBT. Our in-depth approach offers a deeply individualized experience that encourages healing and restoration of the whole person, while also providing important life skills and tools for sober living.

Getting Started at Extra Mile Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

Extra Mile Recovery Rehab is dedicated to your long-term recovery and personal health. Our Extra Mile admissions team is here to assist you throughout your specific care program so you can emerge back into society as a healthy, independent and sober individual.

To get started, all you need to do is call 662.810.4146 today. A member of our admissions team will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have about our drug and alcohol rehab centers.


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Call now to learn about Extra Mile Recovery, a private, secluded addiction treatment rehab facility for men with addiction and co-occurring disorders located just outside Tupelo, MS. There is no better time than now!

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