90 Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We are willing to go The Extra Mile for your recovery. Although we highly suggest long-term drug and alcohol rehab programs at Extra Mile Recovery, we have the ability to customize each client’s treatment plan to meet their needs. Often times, shorter drug and alcohol treatment programs are not enough. If you have experienced any of the below scenarios, a 90-day program or longer is what may be needed for you to achieve sobriety long-term:

  • Multiple Relapses
  • Multiple Criminal Charges
  • Multiple attempts at quitting drugs and or alcohol
  • Multiple years of drug and or alcohol abuse
  • Cost

What Is Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Long-term addiction treatment refers to a drug and alcohol rehab program that lasts 90 days or more. Drug and alcohol addiction is not something that can be quickly overcome. When compared to 30 or 60-day programs, many individuals find that a long-term addiction treatment program is a much more effective way to maintain their sobriety. Long-term rehab programs also come with many benefits, including:

  • More time to understand and resolve underlying issues – Before you can begin your long-term treatment program, you most likely need to partake in detox first. During detox and the beginning stages of treatment, you’ll spend the first few weeks adjusting. The more time you spend in treatment, the better chance you’ll have for lasting change and lifelong sobriety.
  • A safe place to be sober for an extended period of time – Long-term addiction treatment programs offer a safe, distraction-free place for you to heal. Instead of spending all your efforts fighting off temptations while juggling responsibilities at home and work, you can spend this time focusing on your recovery and making changes that will last a lifetime.
  • Decreased risk of relapse – The more time you spend in addiction treatment, the more time you have to learn and implement relapse prevention strategies. This decreases the risk of relapse and increases your chances for long-term success in your sobriety.

What to Expect in 90 days

Once a client is detoxed, there still may be a time period for the brain to heal. This time period in a 90-day drug and alcohol rehab can vary due to an individual’s age, frequency of use and the quantity of drug and or alcohol consumed. During the initial seven days, our clients will become adjusted to the program and their surroundings. The loving and caring staff will go the extra mile to ensure each client is comfortable as they begin their journey into a life of recovery.

A Day at Extra Mile’s 90 Day Rehab Program

At the Extra Mile drug and alcohol rehab center in Mississippi, you can expect your day to be productive. We have found, while in addiction, our daily routines were unstructured. Each day, every client will maximize their potential. This will mimic a real world situation. During the hours of 9am to 5pm, clients will experience a variety of clinical and recovery groups driven to provide education and the opportunity to learn new behaviors. In the morning and evening hours, clients will develop a routine, which they should carry into their new life of recovery.

The Role of Your Counselor During Your Stay

Your counselor will be your biggest supporter. They will collaborate with you so that you will be involved in your treatment planning. Our counselors use the below techniques to help you achieve long-term sobriety.

What Addictions can be treated in a 90 day drug and alcohol rehab program?

Our licensed and knowledgeable clinical staff are trained to handled many addiction diagnoses. Listed below are the more common addictions we treat: