60 Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab

People are finding the simple truth that the traditional 30-day models of treatment are usually not enough.

There is now ample amounts of data that support longer lengths of stay in treatment and the longer someone is engaged in a program, the better their chances are for a satisfying lifetime of sobriety.

Some older research claimed that once the brain damage occurs there is no hope for recovering from that damage. The more recent research proves that the brain can and does recover depending on the extent of damage, but it again takes time. This time is essential to healing not only the brain but the whole self. Extra Mile Recovery believes that to truly recover, you must approach addiction from all angles and this simply can not be done in just 30 days. However, we do know that not everyone can stay the full 90 days with us. We still work with all individuals and their families to provide a comprehensive individualized plan to get sober and stay sober.

We are willing to go The Extra Mile for your recovery. Although we highly suggest long-term drug and alcohol rehab programs in Mississippi, we have the ability to customize each client’s treatment plan to meet their needs.

Often times, clients are unable to attend a long-term treatment program in Mississippi. The circumstances below often prevent clients from this experience:

  • Child Care
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Cost

Don’t let these reasons stop you from your recovery. Give us a call and we will help walk you through options that fit your needs.

What to Expect in 60 days

Once a client is detoxed, there still may be a time period for the brain to heal. This time period in a 60-day drug and alcohol rehab can vary due to an individual’s age, the frequency of use and the quantity of drug and or alcohol consumed.

During the initial seven days, our clients will become adjusted to the program and their surroundings. The loving and caring staff will go the extra mile to ensure each client is comfortable as they begin their journey into a life of recovery.

A Day In a 60 Day Rehab Program

At the Extra Mile drug and alcohol rehab center in Mississippi, you can expect your day to be productive. We have found, while in addition, our daily routines were unstructured. Each day, every client will maximize their potential. This will mimic a real-world situation. During the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, clients will experience a variety of clinical and recovery groups driven to provide education and an opportunity to learn new behaviors and start a new beginning. In the morning and evening hours, clients will develop a routine, which they can carry into their new life of recovery.

The Role of a Counselor During a 60 Day Rehab Program

Your counselor will be your biggest supporter. They will work with you and you will be involved in your treatment planning. Our counselors use the below techniques to help you achieve long-term sobriety.

What Addictions can be treated in a 60-day drug and alcohol rehab program?

Our licensed and knowledgeable clinical staff are trained to handle many addiction diagnoses. Below are the more common addictions we treat:

Extra Mile Recovery is located on a serene 10-acre campus along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. Extra Mile is an established, experienced addiction treatment & drug rehab center that provides life-changing care to people with addictive disorders, as well as support for their families. Insurance is accepted for payment.

At Extra Mile Recovery, our purpose is greater than simply getting an individual sober and providing education on the negative effects of addiction. We are committed to truly caring about the uniqueness of those individuals and families suffering from addiction. We are a residential treatment center specializing in the treatment of addiction through the provision of a comprehensive, innovative, and compassionate program.