Carrie and I want to welcome you to our website. We know what a big decision it is to start a residential rehab program for any substance abuse addiction and we also know how difficult it is to decide on a place to go. We have done our best to design a program that combines many different treatment options and make Extra Mile a sense of home. We have developed our company around our personal experiences as an addict and the road to recovery. We kept the parts that worked and added pieces that we feel would have been helpful to us and will be beneficial to the newcomer.

In addition to the planning that went into developing this amazing rehabilitation center, our highest priority is the people. Both our staff and our clients. We make sure to not only hire only the most professional staff, but it is also important to us to hire people that have been through what you are going through.

My sobriety date is November 15, 2005 and Carrie’s is July 21, 2006. We still remain close to some of the people we got sober with!  The relationships we developed in early sobriety are grounded in recovery and are true friendships.  We hope that you will choose Extra Mile, and get to experience a sense of family and fellowship!

Please, call us with any questions you may have.

Thanks for considering Extra Mile to start your new life!


Scott and Carrie Smith