Extra Mile is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides 30, 60, or 90 days of residential substance abuse treatment. Making the decision to enter a drug and alcohol rehab program is life-changing in itself but choosing the right place to attain recovery is essential. Our elite men’s addiction treatment program is located in Mantachie, Mississippi, just outside of Tupelo. We provide a serene, secluded environment during your long-term rehab stay that promotes healing for you to start your new beginning and overcome your addiction. Our experienced staff will go the Extra Mile to ensure the success of your recovery during your drug or alcohol addiction treatment stay and throughout your life. Overcoming addiction is difficult, but it is possible! Give us a call at 662.687.4610 or email us at admissions@extramilerecovery.com to find out more about our elite addiction treatment program for men. We look forward to helping you or a loved one fight addiction and live a successful substance-free life.

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About Our Drug Rehab Program

The Extra Mile is a place of new beginnings for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. Tucked away in the beautiful landscape of the Natchez Trace, our center provides a serene environment which allows our residents to focus on themselves and begin healing. Through a combination of intensive clinical therapy and 12 step immersion, a solution is given and a new model for living is developed. (View our Program Information) Our patients will graduate with a firm understanding of their disease and a method to find complete freedom from it. The families of our patients will also learn tools to create a healthy dynamic with their loved one. Our team members are not only the highest caliber professionals, but have recovered from their own battles with addiction. This is of the utmost importance to relaying this solution, as we have been where our patients are. This uniquely qualifies us to treat this disease! Our goal is to send our people out into the communities, not only to stay sober themselves, but to be able to provide these tools to others. Our graduates will truly know what it means to go The Extra Mile for their recovery!

The Extra Mile Extra Mile Rehab Center

Going the Extra Mile

Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Mississippi design programs to fit your needs. Every addict’s recovery process is different and we take a unique approach to create a program that combats your distinct drug and alcohol addiction in the most successful way possible. 

Going Extra Mile